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2012. Tax Table. CAUTION ! See the instructions for line 44 to see if you must use the Tax Table taxable income on Form 1040, line 43, is $25,300. First, they .Jan 18, 2013 . 2012, you can use free tax software to prepare and e-file. .. In this chart, unearned income includes taxable interest, ordinary dividends, and . Use the IRS federal income tax tables to find your tax rate based on your income. The 2012 Tax Tables list the 2012 federal income tax rates based on taxable . Jan 2, 2013 . Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service IRS. 2012 Tax Table .. . file one to get a refund of any federal income tax.Not sure what tax bracket you're in? Consult the schedule to see your tax rate, which is dependent on your income level and household role, and be better . Jan 11, 2013 . Internal Revenue Service federal income tax will be less if you take the larger of your itemized. .. 2012 Optional Local Sales Tax Tables.

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