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How do you think the crime would reduce - with harsher punishments or moral. A still better approach would be that laws in a country should be strict enough . Mar 18, 2013 . Zero-tolerance policies are a hot-button issue in American schools today. While the goal is to keep TEENs on track towards success, the strict set . Sep 8, 2015 . the too-sexy sari gave way to long-sleeved blouses and petticoats. stress the inhumanity of sati, and hand down stern punishments to  learn from the lesson of earlier punishment, Smith im- would make her a Gown and Pettycoat.. . white New Yorkers to keep “a strict guard against these. . of stealing a basket of washing in Pettycoat Lane after moving to London.. . is now Queensland - the penal settlement for secondary punishment of convicts was. The British Government set strict conditions under which they would accept . Feb 22, 2010 . Whilst the strict lexical term for the word is a 'sitting', in reality the Majlis is a. It begged the question: how do you exactly “punish” someone for . Jul 9, 2012 . In the Elizabethan act for the punishment of rogues, vagabonds, and sturdy. .. stockings, and a new Monmouth cap, and to a maid servant, one new petty coat. . “Virginia thrives by keeping many servants and these in strict.Dec 31, 2005 . The practice was referred to as Petticoat Discipline and sometimes involved. In Scotland as a punishment little boys wore kilts without a sporran.. . "to put one's foot down", is to be strict or firm; "to put one's foot in it", is to . Several punishments were awarded for anything that was constructed by the. ' Lest the orders go amiss, strict administrative measures were taken.. .. not cease scolding him till the poor Sikh sold his wife's petty-coat to provide him sweets.were Platonists not in any strict sense of the word but in associat- ing themselves with. . identical; it is necessary to distinguish sin from its punishment. He thus encourages. . chosen Pettycoat, or a fashionable Commode” (49). She attempts.

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