How much mail to postcard

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Postcard Size, Quantity, Price, Cost. First-Class Mail® Stamped Large Postcards. Maximum size: 11-1/2 inches long by 6-1/8 inches high by 1/4 inch thick. $0.49 . When they arrive in the mail, there's the message -- no envelope to open! First- Class Mail postcards are a great value, too. With First-Class Mail postcards, you . USPS postage rates offer low-cost mailing and shipping prices for domestic & international. Postcard Stamps. Not sure which mailing service you need?USPS First Class postcards are a low cost method to send marketing using the U.S Postal Service—regular postcards cost only $0.34 to mail!. 11 ½” long and ¼” thick, but they cost as much as a First-Class Letter ($0.460 and up) to send.May 14, 2014 . What do you mean the post office won't let me mail it this way? Almost every day we get this question from a client. Since the post office has . Typically a Standard Class postcard arrives within a few days for local mail, but as much as a few weeks if mailing throughout the USA. Each mailing at Standard  . Nov 16, 2016 . Of course savy marketers want to know just how much of a bargain a postcard mailing represents. Are you looking at spending pennies or . Oversized postcards require First-Class letter postage. Customers. In order to be eligible for the First-Class Mail card rates (currently $0.23 per card, domestic . Apr 11, 2014 . Answer 1 of 15: Can you buy stamps at hotels, shops, etc. Thank you very much.How to Mail a Postcard. Sending a postcard home shows your friends and family that you're thinking of them. It can be a great way to preserve a snapshot of .


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